Our Story

satellite-arialTwo Roads Abode is a 1920s Sears Roebuck home owned by the Throneburg family. Remodeled in 2014, it features four bedrooms and two full bathrooms.

The home is situated on an organic farm in the middle of a country mile… 1/2 mile in from the country road to the east and to the west… thus the name ‘Two Roads’. It is surrounded by beautiful and picturesque farm land on a slight elevation, offering a secluded, quiet setting.

Two Roads Abode is centrally located near many family-friendly recreational and educational attractions with plenty of parking for cars, boats, or an RV.

The Throneburg family has lived and farmed in this area for more than 150 years. Ron and son Troy have a varied operation raising both conventional and organic row crops.

dd-GW9C2957Ron’s brother and sister-in-law live just west of Two Roads on an 80 acre organic farm. The homestead where Ron grew up is a mile east of the property and serves as the home base for his farming operation. His brother and wife live a mile west of the property on what was Ron’s grandfather’s property which is now farmed organically and includes restored prairie.

Because Ron and Troy were expanding their organic farming operation, it made sense to purchase this property which has grain storage and quick access to their farm operation’s home base… less than a mile away.

Two Roads Abode is a working farm and, depending on the time of year, tractors could be planting or cultivating crops, combines could be harvesting, and semi-trucks could be hauling grain. For people unfamiliar with agriculture, it is a great opportunity to see the action.